Our Power plant

Ormoz Biogas

The Ormoz biogas power plant was built in 2010 and connected to the Slovenian power grid in 2011. The plant is an anaerobic digestion treatment plant from which biogas can be harvested. The plant was built and designed by Slovenian specialists with industry leading equipment. The plant takes in local crops and after making electricity, the remaining material is used as a fertiliser on fields.

The plant has three main digesters, two of which have the iconic gas domes, with a reception tank and two post digesters. The biogas made in the digesters is pumped to our gas engine, which was made by MWM. The engine burns the gas and produces heat and electricity; with the electricity going into the local grid to power local homes and businesses.

The plant and land was purchased by us in 2020 and after repairs will produce renewable energy again in 2021. The team working at the plant have continued working at the plant for many years and we are a proud employer of local people and want to work with the local community.


Our digesters produce biogas, which we use to power a gas engine. This is renewable as we use crops to feed the biology which makes the biogas. 


Our power plant has solar cells on the roof, making better use of the built infrastructure as well as helping to produce more renewable energy.


We produce electricity which is sent to the grid with an on-site transformer. The Slovenian grid then supplies electricity from our plant to homes and businesses. 


When the plant’s biology has taken all the energy it can, the remaining material is taken to farms as a fertiliser for the fields.